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The 036 Power Amplifier might be smaller than Burmester’s other power amps, but it does not compromise anything. Agility in the upper registers and a deep bass with loads of power reserves characterize this Power Amplifier.The smaller stereo power amplifier 036 offers many of the same sonic features of Burmester’s bigger and more imposing power amps, only in an elegantly compact size. Its high damping factor and high-performance power supply are expressions of Burmester’s design philosophy. Fast signal processing and the ability to deliver high currents were foremost design criteria for this amp. They are responsible for its remarkably detailed and homogeneous sound. Agility in the upper registers and a deep bass with loads of power reserves characterize this newest member of the Burmester power amp family.Recognisable as a typical Burmester even from the very first glance, the 036 power amplifier makes use of characteristic design elements of the Classic Line.


Though it is Burmester’s smallest amp, the 036 still sports the classic silver-anodized aluminum cooling fins. While its overall visual appearance may be more modest its sound and power reserves leave no doubt that the 036 is a genuine Burmester amp that can deliver spectacular sound.



As the smallest member of the Burmester power amp family, the 036 is also assembled by hand in the Berlin factory with the same attention to detail and the use of carefully selected parts as its larger siblings. The solid aluminum lid hides the fact that this amp, too, is build with highest-quality parts and its clean and tidy circuit layout bespeak the care and thoroughness of the design and manufacturing process.


Weight19 kg (41.9 lbs)
Width480 mm (18.9“)
Height101mm (4.2“)
Depth482 mm (19“)
Inputs1 XLR
Bridgeable into mono
operation via mono adapters
Bi–Amping via
Bi–Amp adapters

Oversized power supply with 88.000 μF filter capacity and 450 VA toroidal transformer. Additional local filtering close to the output stages of 12.000 μF per channel.

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