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Imposing, powerful and true to their shape – that’s the new Reference 1. Equipped with the most modern technology we have to offer in loudspeaker construction, it sets the standard for the future. This powerful sound artist is a masterpiece of engineering and meets perfection in craftsmanship with its new design. The flawless surface finish combined with our best speaker drivers make them a true musical statement.

New material

The benchmark is the new BCT cones used in the midrange and bass. These BCT drivers are the result of years of development and guarantee highly dynamic and highly accurate performance. For exceptional precision and clarity in the treble, the new tweeters feature BC cones made of black alumina ceramic. The Reference 1 speakers’ cabinets have been acoustically optimised and feature a seamless design that ensures an edgeless connection between the baffles, rear panels and side panels. This design sets new standards in terms of dispersion, stability and low resonance.

Design and technology

A great deal of focus is placed on the craftsmanship of the handmade Reference 1 speakers. The cabinets are divided into three chambers that are perfectly matched to the different parts of the 3-way speaker construction. This allows each of the five drivers to develop its sonic qualities to the full. The bass is produced by three 219 mm woofers with ceramic tungsten cones. These, together with the newly designed bass guide, provide clear and dynamic low frequency reproduction down to 18 Hertz. The 174 mm midrange driver uses the same cone material as the woofers, providing seamless midrange dynamics. The midrange driver is deliberately placed in the upper part of the speaker and contributes significantly to the authentic reproduction of voices and stage presence. The drivers are recessed into the round baffle and are complemented by special ASW (Asymmetric Waveguide) cover rings made of POM material. These rings act as waveguides in the tweeter and midrange to optimise dispersion.

Pure power

To control the dynamics that our Reference 1 can unleash, the curved side panels, as well as the back and tops, are constructed from multi-layer laminate. The 60-millimetre-thick baffle is milled from the solid. Thanks to elaborate internal reinforcements and precisely defined damping of the cabinet, we create ideal conditions for perfect sound development of the newly developed Reference loudspeaker drivers. The new cover rings, as well as the high-end connection terminals, are made of polyoxymethylene (POM), an extremely strong and rigid plastic with high density, excellent internal damping and best mouldability. The fine-pored, silk-matt surface covered with a thin layer of lacquer provides a noble appearance and also makes the material even more resistant.

Bass Guide

Canton’s unique bass reflex system with bass guide has been redesigned along with many other elements. With this system, the bass reflex port is integrated into the cabinet and works on the principle of combined frontfire and backfire. The air is controlled via a channel in the base plate and directed to both the front and the back of the cabinet. This produces a remarkably stable bass response, regardless of the position in the room.


  • 3-way bass reflex system
  • Black Ceramic tungsten technology
  • 820 watts
  • 39 x 133 x 63 cm (W x H x D)

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