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Immerse yourself in a new era of sound with the Reference 5 and let the medium-sized floor-standing speakers inspire you. The perfectly formed design, in line with “Form Follows Function”, makes no compromises. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, they are bursting with resolution and playfulness and offer excellent sound. The Reference 5, like all Reference models, are manufactured in Germany with the utmost care and precision. This and the use of first-class materials and components, ensure a long-lasting and reliable quality. The speakers shine with irrepressible dynamics and excellent stage imaging – for a lively and natural sound of your music.

Modern technology

For the completely newly conceived Reference Series enclosures, round baffles were designed for the first time, which are manufactured on a 5-axis CNC milling machine specially provided for this purpose. The elaborately curved side walls, bottoms and lids provide enormous stability and significantly reduced natural resonance behavior of the speaker enclosure. As a result, the Reference 5 offer a very homogeneous dispersion behavior and an authentic staggering of the music. The Reference 5 speakers feature two 174 mm BCT woofers equipped with black ceramic tungsten cones. These work in perfect harmony with the large enclosure volume and efficient bass guide system to deliver contour-sharp low end and rich deep bass. The equally sized BCT midrange driver, housed in its own enclosure, contributes to a natural and authentic sound image with finely resolved mids. The sound spectrum is rounded off by the 25 mm BC tweeter with black aluminum oxide ceramic cone, which ensures detailed and homogeneous highs.

New diaphragms

The midrange and woofer systems of all Reference loudspeakers are characterized by their advanced BCT cones. In the BCT diaphragm, 25 percent of the molecular structure of an aluminum cone is converted into a ceramic structure and refined with tungsten and additional metal particles. As a result, the diaphragms achieve a perfect stiffness-to-weight ratio and turn black on the front and back surfaces during the creation process. In addition, the specially shaped black midrange ceramic cone in TCC technology stabilizes the membrane and reduces unwanted resonances. This is how we achieve precise and distortion-free reproduction. To optimize the sound, our latest generation Wave Beading technology is used in the Reference 5. This ensures a smooth transient response even at high volumes and large diaphragm excursions.


The Reference 5 speakers are equipped with high-quality WBT nextgen™ connectors and allow bi-wiring and bi-amping. These connectors are the basis for excellent sound quality and provide long-term stable contact. If you do not want to use the bi-wiring or bi-amping mode, high-quality hard-gold-plated copper bridges are included. The Reference 5s feature controls on the speaker terminal for Canton’s RC (Room Compensation) technology. With this level adjustment, the sound pressure levels of the midrange and tweeter can be sensitively adjusted in 1.5 decibel steps. This allows the speakers to be optimally adapted to personal listening tastes and room acoustics.

Edler Auftritt

The cabinets of the Reference 5 loudspeakers convince with the best quality of workmanship and noble surfaces, which allow a seamless aesthetic integration into any living environment. They are available in two finishes: The black piano high-gloss lacquer version achieves an impressive depth effect thanks to the high number of twelve lacquer layers. Equally impressive is the silk-matte finish of the white housing version, which ensures an understatedly elegant and refined appearance in your living spaces.

Dimensions30 x 101 x 46 cm (W x H x D) including base construction

Power370 watt music load capacity

Weight36 kilogram

High-End SoundIconic sound for the highest quality demands

BCT diaphragmChassis with new BCT diaphragm (Black Ceramic Tungsten)

Cabinet shapeSweeping cabinet shape for unlimited music pleasure

WBT-nextgen™WBT terminals for optimal signal connection

Fabric coverAcoustically neutral cover with magnetic attachment

Warranty10 years warranty on Reference passive loudspeakers

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