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Deeply impressive

With the Reference Sub, you can add a powerful active subwoofer to our Reference speaker models. This front-firing subwoofer offers unparalleled dynamic bass response thanks to its large enclosure volume and integrated downfire passive cone. It is precisely tuned and ideal for complementing stereo systems as well as providing low frequency support for home theater systems. The Reference Sub features high power amp output and utilizes several innovative Canton technologies such as black ceramic tungsten cones, multiple folded wave surrounds, bass guide, SC technology, and room compensation. These features enable precise and powerful low-frequency reproduction, even during demanding bass passages in movies. Available in two different versions, the Reference Sub fits harmoniously into the new Reference series.

Movie and music

The Reference Sub offers itself as a powerful addition to our new Reference series and supports stereo and home theater systems in an ideal way with its dynamic and accurate performance. The design is matched to the new Reference models, so it can be harmoniously integrated into your Reference speaker system and living space. The elegant front-firing subwoofer is equipped with a 308 mm BCT chassis, which is supported by an equally large passive cone on the underside of the cabinet for low-frequency reproduction. Its up to 750-watt digital power amplifier confidently fires the subwoofer with power. Thanks to the DSPs integrated in the Reference Sub and the Room Compensation technology, the active subwoofer plays precisely down to 18 Hertz. The Reference Sub can also be adjusted to the room acoustics in three stages. During movie nights, the Reference Subwoofer becomes the perfect acoustic companion and lets you experience every movie moment intensively.

Equipment and technology

The Reference Sub is a front-firing subwoofer with the support of a downfire passive radiator. In order to work precisely and confidently at any volume level, the 308 mm drivers are suspended in triple folded wave surrounds of the latest generation. Compared to conventional surrounds, the wave surrounds allow for much greater excursion and reduce sound distortion. The connection to an amplifier or AV receiver is made possible by the high- or low-level inputs. The volume level, crossover frequency and phase can be continuously adjusted on the powerful active module on the back of the subwoofer. The technical equipment of the 37 kilogram Reference Subwoofer is completed by an automatic on/off switch.

Dimensions49 x 59 x 53 cm (W x H x D) including base construction

Power750 watt music power

Weight37 kilogram

High-End SoundIconic sound for the highest quality demands

BCT diaphragmChassis with new BCT diaphragm (Black Ceramic Tungsten)

Cabinet shapeSweeping cabinet shape for unlimited music pleasure

High qualityHigh-quality manufactured according to Canton quality standards

Fabric coverAcoustically neutral cover with magnetic attachment

Warranty2 years warranty on Reference passive loudspeakers

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