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This cable is used to convert the pre-out (or line-out) stereo output of a (pre-)amplifier to mono line level signal. The cable has two 10kOhm resistors that will sum the stereo inputs to single mono output safely. The mono signal can be connected to line input of Anti-Mode 8033cinema or 8033C. The line-out of Anti-Mode 8033 is further connected to line-in of the active subwoofer.

This cable in needed when audio system does not have a single low-frequency output for the subwoofer and Anti-Mode 8033cinema or 8033C is used in the system.

The cable has RCA male connectors.

Anti-Mode 8033S and Anti-Mode 8033S-II have built-in dual inputs, so the adapter is only needed when you want to simultaneously connect both a home theater and a stereo system.

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