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Our knowledge from over 50 years of speaker construction combined in compact and acoustically pristine speakers – the Reference 9. Equipped with the technologies of a floorstanding speaker, they offer the potential to fill even larger rooms thanks to the large mid-bass driver. The bass guide, used for the first time in a compact speaker, is an integral part of the speaker base and allows uncomplicated placement on sideboards or freely in the room with the ideally matching speaker stands “Reference LS”. Thanks to precise tuning in the laboratory and listening room and the use of high-quality crossover components, the 2-way speakers offer great sound from compact cabinets.

Modern technology

The compact Reference 9 loudspeakers feature one 174 mm BCT cone per loudspeaker, which offers high rigidity and outstanding internal damping at a low dead weight. The BCT cone enables precise and accurate reproduction of the low and midrange. The perfect playing partner for the bass-midrange driver is the 25 mm BC tweeter, which shines with its detailed and transparent reproduction and impressively underpins the excellent sound quality of the Reference 9. A large part of the excellent sound of the speaker is the precisely designed crossover, which is equipped with hand-selected components. The Reference 9 are equipped with WBT nextgen™ connection terminals, which enable a contact-safe and loss-free connection between the speakers and the amplifier. The connection terminal is equipped with our RC technology, which allows for sensitive tweeter adjustment in 1.5 decibel increments. The level adjustment allows the compact speakers to be adapted to listening preferences or to have a corrective effect on the existing room acoustics.


We develop and manufacture our Reference loudspeaker systems at our factory in Weilrod in the Taunus region of Germany. To achieve the best possible sound development from compact cabinets, we have developed the Reference 9 cabinets from scratch. They feature generous radii on the side panels, bottoms and lids, and have a round baffle to realize the greatest possible edge clearance of the cabinet. This design concept reduces diffraction effects at the edges and contributes significantly to optimizing the speaker’s sound dispersion. A computer-optimized chamber system and the sophisticated internal stiffening prevent standing waves and sound-damaging cabinet resonances. The high-gloss “Black Piano” surface sealant is applied in twelve layers, sanded and elaborately polished. It gives the Reference 9’s cabinet an overwhelming sense of depth. As an alternative, the speakers are available in the “White Satin” finish. Acoustically optimized fabric covers adhere magnetically to the baffle for each chassis individually and round off the noble appearance of the compact Reference 9 sovereign.

Ideal combination

Thanks to their superior technical features, the compact Reference 9s fill even large rooms with music effortlessly. To achieve this perfectly, you should place your speakers on the matching “Reference LS” stands from Canton. The Reference 9 are also ideal as surround and effect speakers in a large Reference home cinema set-up. Together with the visually and acoustically perfectly matched Reference Center, the powerful active subwoofer from the Reference series and a Reference floorstanding speaker of your choice, you can create an impressive multi-channel home cinema system that leaves nothing to be desired.

Dimensions26 x 45 x 39 cm (W x H x D) including base construction

Power220 watt music load capacity

Weight18 kilogram

High-End SoundIconic sound for the highest quality demands

BCT diaphragmChassis with new BCT diaphragm (Black Ceramic Tungsten)

Cabinet shapeSweeping cabinet shape for unlimited music pleasure

WBT-nextgen™WBT terminals for optimal signal connection

Fabric coverAcoustically neutral cover with magnetic attachment

Warranty10 years warranty on Reference passive loudspeakers

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