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Ultra-powerful non-NFB discrete power supply

The Z-3 uses the same digital high-reguration transformer as D-3. An unprecedented 260 VA large-capacity transformer is used to create four non-NFB discrete power supply circuits separated from each circuit winding. It uses a total of 16 ultra high-speed SiC rectifier diodes and 70 low-magnification electrolytic condensers. This provides endless expressive power with overflowing clarity and directness.


ZERO LINK drastically reduces the work of the D/A converter and completely eliminates the use of asynchronous components in the D/A converter housing. In the Z-3, ZERO LINK replaces every asynchronous component to transmit only signals polished beautifully by the clock to the D/A converter. The resulting sound quality is an unprecedented leap forward in the sonic universe. This solution surpasses the highest levels of analog playback.

SFP port

By incorporating an optical link module, this opens up the door to optical cable connections. And the use of an SFP RJ45 module allows for compatibility with regular LAN cable connections.

By the way: The optical link module, RJ45 module, optical cables, and LAN cables are not included with the Z-3. Please consult us or your local retailer.

SC Cut ultra low phase noise OCXO

An SC Cut OXCO is installed in the dedicated SFP circuit clock. Although it is an asynchronous component, every effort was made to counteract its effects by maximizing the clock quality. When ZERO LINK is connected, the high-quality D/A converter master clock transmitted by ZERO LINK is used in the I2S generation circuit and Non-PLL Sync is applied.

A dedication to non-rigid housing

Beyond the plate, we went above and beyond to create a non-rigid housing, including the AC inlet, I/O terminals, circuit boards, and circuit board chassis. We applied the full breadth of SOULNOTE expertise to components like titanium washers, spike placement directly under the transformers, and more. The air volume presented by the relatively large housing contributes to an unprecedentedly vast soundscape.


Supported format (PCM) Maximum 768kHz (AIFF, WAV, FLAC, Apple Lossless, mp3, AAC), 16bit, 24bit, 32bit
Supported format (DSD) Maximum 22,6 MHz (dsf, diff)
Power voltage230V AC 50Hz
Power consumption30W
Maximum external dimensionsMain unit: 454(W) × 174(H) × 393(D)mm
Included accessoriesSpike Board, spikes, ZERO LINK cable, power cable

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